Saturday, 2 February 2013

TONY MOLY - Latte Art Morning Pack

This is a moisturiser by TONY MOLY, a 'cute as' make-up and skincare brand with amazing packaging! 
I am a sucker for packaging, so just had to have this one!
There was also a scrub in the same range which smelt of coffee!

The moisturiser comes in a sweet little mug container with spoon/spatula in the top and a cute swirly drink design. It looks great. There is also a small tub of 'Milk Creamy Essence' in the shape of those teeny milk pots.

You twist the top of the mug off and reveal the base which has a lid to protect the moisturiser inside.

Then we add the milk essence, which is an extra 'boost' of goodness. Stir it in and voila! 

The moisturiser has milk extracts in it and can be used as a normal moisturiser which has a good base for make-up and can also be a mask once the essence is added!
It is quite thick, but is water based, so very light and easily absorbed.

TONY MOLY has lots of lovely packaging, a lot in the shape of fruit and veg! I'm after the Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream next!

From Me, For You xoxo


  1. Replies
    1. It is so cool! I have another couple of items to review from the brand :) I need to buy more too! x

  2. OMG, i was just reading some blogs from the group and always thought i followed you, apologies for that, just followed now xx

    1. Aww no worries lovely! Thank you for following :) x

  3. oh wow!!! That looks sooo cool!!!!!! I HAVE to have some of his stuff!!!!!
    I love quirky!
    brilliant post hun! x

    1. You will just love his stuff hun!

      The packaging is soooo awesome and they are good quality and reasonable prices!

      Will look out for some posts from you on them :) x

  4. I love this, im going to track it down!!!

    1. I know Rhiannon, it's so cool isn't it! I've found them on ebay and they do have some at

      Hope you get one :)


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