Wednesday, 27 February 2013

L'Occitane Shea Honey Hand Cream review

I love L'Occitane products. They are so pampering and nourishing!
I recently purchased some of the new Limited Edition honey range and will be first reviewing the shea honey hand cream.

The hand cream is 30ml, the usual hand cream amount from L'Occitane (although there are a couple of mega 150ml ones too), and it has 20% Shea Butter in it, so you know this will be great for your hands! It costs £8, pricey you may say, but, although I love bargains, L'Occitane are worth paying a bit more for in my opinion, especially the hand creams!

The packaging is so cute too - love the little bear and bees!

The limited edition shea honey range consists of the hand cream, foaming gel, whipped body cream and honey butter. Gorgeous!

The hand cream is wonderfully thick and creamy, yet sinks right in to the skin.
I get very dry hands in winter! L'Occitane hand cream is the first thing I turn to if my hands are getting really bad and I have been loving this honey version! The scent is very sweet but not over-powering. It's lovely.

This really does improve your hands after just one application. It's rich, luxurious, nourishing and a must-have!
There are also limited edition scents of Mango Flower, Rose Petals, Date Bouquet, and Spring Cherry, all of which smell very nice.

Do you use L'Occitane hand cream? Or have you not splashed out on any yet? I'd love to know!

From Me, For You xoxo


  1. I so want to try this, it wasnt available when I got my free cream :( xx

    1. It is really nice :) Just a nice hint of honey, yum! I think I'm going to buy some more! Sorry you didn't get one - if you buy more, I recommend this one! x


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