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Château Impney Afternoon Tea review

I visited the beautiful Château Impney on a gorgeous sunny day to try their afternoon tea.

The Château is located in Worcestershire and is an absolutely stunning place to visit and stay.
Built in 1875, it was the dream home of John Corbett, a local businessman who made his fortune mining salt.
He married a beautiful French lady and when they had a growing family he decided to build a magnificent château to honour his wife's home country.
Unfortunately, John and his wife separated years later and she left to live in Wales while he remained at the château alone. He then decided to open the grounds to the public so they could enjoy it too.

Now the chateau is a beautiful hotel where everyone can enjoy the chateau itself and the grounds.
Plus the afternoon tea!

I had the Chateau Afternoon Tea at £13.95. There is also a Chateau High Tea that includes extra sandwiches and cream cakes at £16.95. Great for sharing.

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Tea is served in the Grand Bar. A nice spacious bar and seating area that overlooks the grounds and impressive oak staircase and stained glass window.

The tea is traditional: sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and a selection of cakes.


I got to choose 2 types of sandwiches for my afternoon tea. I chose the egg mayonnaise and cucumber with mint crème fraiche.
The egg mayonnaise was lovely. Nice and deep filled with a light, rich filling. The touch of rocket went nicely with it.
I also really enjoyed the cucumber with mint crème fraiche. It was very light and fresh tasting, which I think you need when there is a lot of sweet food coming up next.
There are 7 sandwiches options to choose from and I like the fact I was able to pick my own choices.
Especially good for vegetarians!


I enjoyed the scones. There were two medium sized scones. Perfect size in my opinion - not too small but not too large and filling either. They came with a bowl of strawberry jam and a bowl of clotted cream.
The servings of jam and cream were generous and I didn't use it all.
The scones tasted fresh and were nice, light, soft and slightly crumbly.
They came garnished with fresh strawberries too which I really liked. Nice and refreshing.


There were 3 types of cake for the afternoon tea.
A lovely light, slightly spiced sponge cake. Like a carrot cake without the frosting. I really liked this as it wasn't too heavy and filling. Just right.
There was also a traditional fruit cake. I'm not a fan of heavy fruit cakes, but did try it and think fruit cake lovers would find it very nice.
Lastly was a chocolate brownie. This was nice and full of rich chocolate flavour. It was lovely and moist too.

At this point I was nice and full so finished off the tea I had selected earlier and then had a stroll around the hotel and gardens.
When the weather is nice you can also have your afternoon tea outside on the courtyard. 
This has views of the beautiful gardens and is very picturesque.

I want to show you some of the hotel too. The Grand Ballroom is stunning. My favourite part of the hotel! It has beautiful duck egg blue walls with decorative features and lovely ornate wall lights.
It's so light and also has the original ceiling which is equally as intricate and detailed with a huge chandelier in the center.

The rooms have also undergone grand refurbishments and rival the splendour of the rest of the hotel.

The hotel has some fabulous features. The big oak staircase with huge stained glass windows, tapestry, massive grounds including ponds, small bridges and a waterfall. Plus manicured gardens to explore.
There are also always different types of animals in the grounds of the hotel including horses, sheep, geese and ponies

I recommend the hotels afternoon tea if you like sumptuous surroundings and a little luxury.
It's lovely to eat and then take a walk around the grounds.
The tea is a great size, not too small but not so big you feel uncomfortably full!
It's good value too I think.
Try an afternoon tea at Château Impney!

From Me, For You  xoxo

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