Friday, 2 August 2013

Zatchels V.I.P Event - Part 1 - Factory Tour & New Designs Preview!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Zatchels new Factory Outlet Store and also take a 'behind-the-scenes' tour of their factory.

In this post I will show you photos of the product-making process and also give you a sneek-peek of a new up-coming collaboration and new satchel designs!

When I arrived, everyone was greeted by owners Dean Clarke and Brian Brady, as well as their Creative Director and stylist to the stars, Gemma Sheppard!
We were then led on a tour around the factory.

Firstly, as we entered the factory, you see a floor covered in multi-coloured leather.
It is piled up, ready to be hand-made into brand new bags!

As we made our way around, we saw the machines used to cut the bag pieces from the leathers. They are placed by hand and the machine then cuts around the template.

Here's some neon pink waiting to be cut.

The parts that are cut are then loaded up on trolleys, ready to be made into Zatchels!

Hello Kitty ready to be assembled!

Each Zatchel is hand made, something owners Dean and Brian are passionate about. While they could use less people and more machines and save money, they are adamant that their bags are hand made and have a personal touch. 
When you order a Zatchel, it is made from scratch! Leather is cut and then sewn together, just for you.

These are templates used to put the bags together.

All done by hand, not machine!

As I've mentioned, Zatchels employs highly skilled people to make their bags for them, by hand.
I got to watch some bags being made and it was pretty impressive!

Sewing machines used for Zatchels

A bright yellow Barrel bag being made!

 This is one of the best-selling colours for Zatchels. Classic Red.

They also like to use a retro machine for the bag rivets. They feel that using this machine allows the user to feel where the rivet is going and they can adjust it if necessary. Using a modern machine gives no chance for adjustment and would ruin the entire bag if placed wrongly!

 The popular Union Jack Collection design waiting to be made.

Here is a metallic gold being put together.

 A Pastel Cream from the Pastels Collection being made.

Coming towards the end of the factory tour sees lots of completed Zatchels waiting to be packed and sent out

 I do love the Gothic Lace design!

 Maybe that's your bag! 

The last stage of the Zatchel making process is quality control. Here, every single bag is personally checked for quality and to make sure it is perfect. The order slip is then signed by the person on quality control to let you know your bag has been approved!

 Orders ready to be packed and shipped

I just had to show you the Hello Kitty collection. I adore it, it's so cute!

But now, here is the EXCLUSIVE LOOK at some new designs!

 Here we have a Where's Wally and an irredicent rainbow effect satchel

 A cool graffiti and Camo satchel.
These 4 designs are actually part of the childrens range by Zatchels, but I think anyone could use them :)
They are exclusive to the Zatchels pop-up shop currently in Bicester.

The above 3 designs are a collaboration between Zatchels and designer Jacky Tsai.
They have been made with a Japanese influence and look amazing in real life.

These are being unveiled at PURE London and will be available to buy in a few months time!

I hope you have enjoyed my tour of the Zatchels factory! It was a really interesting experience and great to see how everything is made from scratch.

Be sure to check out my 'Part 2', which is a look at all the bags in the newly opened Factory Outlet Shop!

You can take a look at all Zatchels available to buy here on their website!

From Me, For You xoxo

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