Friday, 18 January 2013

Birchbox January UK 2013 review!

I write this blog entry as I sit eating my dinner all alone in Frankie and Bennys after getting snowed in at work and having to kip in a hotel overnight so I can still go to work tomorrow - thanks snow!

So, this is the first official UK Birchbox since it took over from Joliebox UK!

I was a bit cheeky and looked for spoilers on the box because I wanted to know a little about what I'd be getting and just from the spoilers I knew it was better than January's Glossybox!

So here's the box:

And what was inside

So, first item........tea-bag! Thanks! I like tea and all, but think I deserve a bit of a better 'sample', this could have been a bonus instead! I'm sure it tastes lovely though....!

Then we have TAAJ hand cream. They say it smells of cinnamon and I love cinnamon, but this doesn't really smell of cinnamon. Good for a handbag hand cream I think.

Next is WEI serum. I had this from Glossy and have yet to use it so I don't know what it's like. It sounds brilliant, but we will see! Have any of you guys tried it? Any good?!

Then we have fresh SUGAR lip balm, yayyyyyy! I've always wanted to try this! The colour looks a bit dark on the photo (and in the tube to be fair) but it leaves a slight hint of pink which is nice. And it seemed moisturising. Glad I got this!

Lastly is some KMS volume spray. I need some volume in my hair so will give this a go and see what its like. I recently tried another brand of 'root boost' type product and hated it, so hope this is better!

So, as a first box, it didn't wow me, it didn't disappoint me. It was good. Loved the fresh sugar balm. But was kind of hoping for a mega awesome box! Remember Carmine and their first box with 'the balm' blush? I was hoping for that, but I guess it was a decent start to Birchbox!

Thanks for reading,

From Me, For You xoxo

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