Friday, 15 February 2013

Boots 'Be Enchanted' Tales of Spellbinding Beauty

This gorgeous 'book' of beauty was part of the Boots Christmas gifts range and there were about 6 different items in the Be Enchanted collection.

I am a sucker for anything 'enchanted', 'princess-y', 'fairytale-ish'!
I'm still crying over the fact I missed the Sephora Cinderella collection and the magnificent mirror in that collection *sniff* Why did you leave me Sephora, whyyyyy? (have a look at that here:!ref[]=1375145&pageSize=60&sortBy=-1&brandId=1301 )

But back to the lovely Be Enchanted Tales of Spellbinding Beauty......

It is in the style of a big fairy-tale book and the eyeshadows are found by opening the 'front cover' of the book and the lip and cheek sections are in a draw in the middle section of the book.
There is also a mirror on the lid (underside of book cover).

There are ten eyeshadows, each with a name linked to fairy-tales. So cute.


 Here we have a lovely dark gunmetal type colour with a gold key over-spray called 'Sorcerer', an aubergine colour in 'Cloak', a beautiful gold bronze in 'Coppice', a silver/pink in 'Pendant' and mustard gold in 'Coronet'
 left-to-right: 'Pendant', 'Coronet', 'Coppice', 'Sorcerer', 'Cloak'.

 The next five are a dark grey and silver flecked colour in 'Castle', lovely silver with a slight blue/green hint and gold key over-spray in 'Moonshine', dusky pink in 'Spirit', creamy gold in 'Slipper' and taupe in 'Fawn'.
left-to-right: 'Castle', 'Spirit', 'Slipper', 'Fawn', 'Moonshine'. 

The dark shades are well pigmented I have to say! There is a nice variation in shades. The lighter colours definitely need more layers to get the shade as seen in the pan and I wish they were more pigmented, but with a few layers it's all good. I love the variation in shades here and the names given.
The brush included is your standard foam double-ended applicator and I'll be using my own brushes as I don't like the foam ones!

Onto, the lips and cheeks!

There are 2 blushes and 4 lip colours.

The blushes are a bright pink called 'Fanfare'and a dusky pink called 'Fairytale', both with gold key over-sprays. 
'Fanfare' is sooo sheer, but as it is very bright, that ends up being a good thing.
'Fairytale' is more pigmented and a nice deep pink shade.

top: 'Fairytale'

The lip colours are all creamy lipstick formulas, but look more like balms as they are sheer in colour, which is fine with me! They do look a fair bit different in the pan and on the lips though.

The colours are a hot, neon pink in 'Damsel', bright pink in 'Pixie', a sugary pink in 'Gracious' and a gold/pink in 'Blossom'.

left-to-right: 'Blossom', 'Gracious', 'Pixie', 'Damsel'.

The lip and blusher brushes are ok, nothing special, so will likely use my own again.

I do LOVE this though! The packaging is so adorable and well thought out. 
It's sturdy and does not feel cheap at all.
The colours in the eyeshadows are great I think and can do different looks. 
The lip and cheek colours suit me because I like things more on the sheer, light side, but those of you who love strong, pigmented colours may not be as happy as me, although layering is possible. 

The mirror is not the best of quality - it has that soft almost fuzzy look, but I like to think that was intentional and just adds to the fairytale/romantic look and feel! ;) Love the cute gold key accessory though!

This was £16 but the range was included in the 3 for 2 so I indulged and felt that with the savings it was a pretty nice buy.

Did you see this range in Boots? What did you think?

From Me, For You xoxo


  1. Yes I bought this for my grandaughter for Christmas. It is really beautiful and she loved it.

    1. Aww, I'm glad your grandaughter loved it! It really is a lovely item. Thank you for reading and commenting on the post :) x


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