Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Glossybox February 2013 Review

The February Glossybox arrived just a couple of hours ago, so here we go. Will it be hit or miss this month?!

The box is very cute this month as it is valentines themed. It will make a good storage box!
Inside we have pink tissue paper, pink ribbon and pink paper shreds.

Unfortunately that is where my 'ooh isn't this nice' feeling ended!

It's probably not a good thing when you dread the arrival of your GB because you don't want the cheap one Again is it?

First up is the MeMeMe Fat Cat mascara. I haven't tried it yet but hope it's decent and at least it's full sized.

Then there is a MICA Bella bronze blush, 0.8g. This is a bit too dark for me as I'm pretty pale!

Then we have a Helen E lipstick, 3.5g in 'Caribbean'. Again, way too dark!

Ok, then we arrive at the Voulez-Vous massage oil...............er, what the?

I know it's a valentines box and all, but, really? A 10ml pouch of massage oil? I don't want that in my box Glossy Box! If I want some, I'll go buy some, I don't want it to be one of my 5 samples k? Not when it could have been a 30ml Docteur Renaud face cream worth almost £20, or Anatomicals 50ml shower cleanser, or Sassoon 50ml hair shine.........grrrrrr!

'Apply this non sticky oil onto the body, blow then mass delicately.
A soft feeling of warmth seizes you...while leaving on the skin a natural and sweet taste.
A greedy pleasure will be there...'

Thanks Glossy Box. Not.

Onto the last item in this months box, a perfume sample!

Narciso Rodriguez: l'eau

A bit too floral for me! Very light and flowery, lots of rose!

So.....the only thing I liked was the mascara this month. A 1/5 score, wow!

I don't know why they even bother with beauty profiles, I always tick the natural, pastel,  nude etc type boxes and never the ones for strong colours!

And why do some people get good sized shower gel AND hair spray in one box, while others get a pouch of oil and a vial of perfume. Could they not split those up and give a decent size and small size to even it out?!

I pay the same amount of money and constantly feel ripped off!

Sorry, rant over ladies!

How do you guys feel about your Glossybox? Did you get a nice one? :)

From Me, For You  xoxo


  1. I got the same box! The lippy will work for me and although I prefer the original Narcisco perfume this one is ok as well. Haven't even opened the mascara although I blessed with long lashes so it should be fine on me. I'm still raging about that weird body oil though!

    Rubbish box this month, I have enough glossy dots for two free boxes now and after that, I'll probably unsubscribe. Poor show!

    1. Hey Loz!
      Thank you very much for commenting!

      I am just so disappointed in the crazy variations of Glossyboxes! At least TRY to make it fair! lol
      Yep, the oil is just silly! What were they thinking?

      I also have enough dots for a free box, so will be doing the same as you :)


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