Sunday, 17 February 2013

Venus & Olay Trial

I'm a member of the Savvy Circle and applied for their Venus/Olay trial.
I got accepted and my goodies arrived a couple of days ago!

The products to trial are a new Gillette Venus 5 blade razor with Olay moisturising bars and also a 75ml bottle of Olay Essentials Complete Care plus Mulitradiance.

The Savvy Circle trials all come in a bag which includes a product handbook with facts and information on the brands, products and trial.
Also included are money off vouchers and in some trials samples to hand out to friends and family.
Lastly there are surveys that you ask people to fill about the products, as well as regular surveys yourself to be able to give detailed feedback.

The Olay is full size and has multi-vitamins as well as radiance boosting properties.

The Venus razor has 5 blades and two moisturising Olay bars.

I'll be updating regularly about how the trial is going and how I'm getting on with the products!

From Me, For You xoxo

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