Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Venus and Olay Trial: UPDATE 1

Here is my first update for my Savvy Circle trial with the Gillette Venus 5 blade razor with Olay moisture bars and also the Olay Complete Care Multiradiance moisturiser.

First up the Venus & Olay razor.

This razor has 5 blades so is supposed to give a closer shave.

From the pack:

 "Help replenish your skin's moisture while you shave close"

"Only the Venus & Olay razor combines Venus' best shaving technology and Olay's skin expertise all in one."

So as well as a close shave we are meant to have softer skin too, yay!

The moisturising bars are very chunky on this razor - and that is a good thing!

Above is the side view so you can see how big the Olay moisturising bars are.

So, what do I think after using it?
I like!
It did give a very close shave! And my legs are super soft too!
As you shave, the bars give out a very good amount of a light shower gel like substance. I felt the moisturising benefit right away, as soon as I rinsed my legs off.
After getting dry and hours later, my legs felt softer than usual! I'm loving it.

I'm going to keep track of how long the bars last for!

Now onto the Olay Complete Care Multiradiance fluid.

This has a good 'glow' to it. You can definitely tell on first application that it is a radiance-giving product! It gives a soft sheen to your face.

At first I used it on a day where I didn't wear any make-up and I definitely looked more radiant than usual! I was worried though as I have combination skin and tend to get shine as the day wears on if I don't use primer.

But, I also tried it under make-up and it didn't make me shiny when using primer, there was no difference than usual.

Although I will try it without primer, because I do get a shine without it and am interested whether this would make it worse or not.

It also smells lovely! Very fresh and clean.

The lotion contains vitamins B3 & E and Pro-Vitamin B5, as well as mandarin extract. It also has an SPF15 UVA/UVB.

So far, I am happy with both products and will keep using them and updating my thoughts on them both!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

From Me, For You xoxo

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