Monday, 6 May 2013

Lancome counter visit and Purchases!

I visited the Lancome counter in Selfridges with a friend recently and we had a make-up tutorial on how to create the perfect Smokey Eye, with the lovely Lydia!

I also snapped a few photos of products that caught my eye and of course, what I purchased!

Here we go!......

We chose our eye colour from the new Hypnose Eye Palette collection. There are 12 colour palettes to choose from (9 shown here).
They are also broken up into various catagories - the 'Doll', 'Star' and 'Drama' palettes.

The Doll palettes contain the 'Fresh & Natural' colours which are; Reflet d'Amethyste, Menthe a l'O, Lumiere d'Azur and Fraicheur Rosee.

The Star palettes contain the 'Chic & Elegant' colours which are; Kaki Chic, Terre d'lvoire, Gris Fume and Brun Adore.

'Doll' palettes on left, 'Star' palettes on right

Finally, the 'Drama' palettes with the 'Deep & Intense' colours, are the Mon Smoky, Vert Mystere, Violet Magnetique and Bain de Minute.

'Drama' palettes

I love the Menthe a l'O colours!

I chose the Mon Smoky colours for my tutorial!

Lydia, our tutor, gave us the full makeover, with skincare, foundation, blusher, lip colour and of course the smokey eye!
We were told, step-by-step, what shades to apply and how and because there were two of us we got to watch it being done!

We weren't given the full-on smouldering smokey eye, but rather a day-time version, because it was 11am at the time! But we got the basics, the instructions we needed and how to boost it up to a night-time look.

I also checked out (and later purchased - review coming up!) the Teint Visionnaire foundation.
I had pretty much dismissed this foundation because of the price (£36), but after trying it previously and again this visit and just loving the fact I'd found a colour match for my skin, I bought it.

I also purchased the new blusher: Blush Subtil Palette, in Rose Flush. It is a blush, contour and highlighter in one. This is a really lovely pink blush, subtle highlighter and a deeper contour, something I have been after a while! All in one palette, yay! A review is on it's way!

So, what did I look like after my make-over?


Are you a Lancome fan? Have you made any purchases lately? I'd love to know what you think and what products you like!

From Me, For You xoxo

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