Monday, 18 February 2013

Birchbox February 2013 Review!

My Birchbox arrived!

I had seen a few spoilers for this month so was pretty excited for this one!

This box is London Fashion Week themed and all the products are good sizes.

First up we have a 50ml Vichy Eau Thermale spray. It says it is thermal spa water, rich in rare minerals and is 100% pure.
On the little card of products it also says it can be used as a toner, to set make-up or as a refreshing boost.

I tried it and it is very refreshing - great for summer!

Second we have a 50ml Korres Guava shower gel. I've tried a few products by Korres and they are pleasant, so I'm sure this will be nice too. Fruity smell is good for summer too!

Thirdly, we have a 59ml Nick Chavez Leave-In Thickening Mist. I haven't heard of this brand before it is American and has good reviews on

Fourth is a sachet of EBoost drink mix. It is a orange flavor vitamin and mineral powder drink. I've seen this before and wanted to order a sample but they only shipped within the US, so at least I can try it now!

Fifth, we have a Gerda Spillmann foundation compact. Super disappointed in this! It would have been perfect. The size is great for handbags and comes with a sponge to apply. Oh, it would have been amazing. If they had it in my shade! I don't know how many shades were sent out but I got 'Truffle' and  boy is it orange! I can't do anything with this! And I would have been so happy if the shade matched. So sad.

Lastly, a very nice bonus of an eyelash curler! I was going to go and buy one so this is perfect timing!

I've had a quick go and they do make a difference, yay!

I'm impressed with this Birchbox. Way better than the miserable Glossybox I had.
It would have been a fantastic box if the foundation had worked out!

What did you get? Anything different? What do you guys think of this months box?

From Me, For You  xoxo


  1. What an amazing little box. This would be right up my street. The foundation doesnt look a great shade though, i completely agree. I'm quite fair, so the shade wouldnt suit me.
    Kazzii x

    1. Hey Kazzie, it is a lovely box definitely, but yep, I'm very fair too so shame about the shade! x

  2. Looks like a good box, shame about the colour match thou. Im not signed up to birchbox yet, but i think i may have to!

    1. It is, so far, way better than Glossy, Louise! Bigger sizes and better products! x

  3. My foundation was so wrong too :( but liked everything else x

    1. Yep, I liked it all, but that foundation, what a waste! :( wish they had a way of matching shades! x


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