Monday, 4 March 2013

Pamper Me: Lush Space Girl & Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac Review

I do love a good face mask every now and again. It comes into my category of 'Pamper'.

I decided to combine my Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac mask with a Space Girl bath bomb from Lush as I just love Lush baths!

Firstly, the Space Girl bath bomb. It's the first time I've tried Space Girl and I was pretty excited because it says I'd be able to 'float in my own personal space' ahhhh, relaxing....
Plus, it has popping candy and glitter. Hooray!

It's a good size ballistic. I used the whole thing in one go as I love the full on effect, but if you want to economise, you could save some for another bath.

It's a lovely, pale shade of lilac and has multicoloured spots within it, with a ring of gold glitter surrounding it.

This ballistic fizzes fast! It went from a planet to looking like a meteor in no time!

As it fizzes around, you can hear the popping candy go! It's definitely fun to watch and as the water slowly turns lilac, it releases bits of fuchsia colour and glitter pieces.

The colour bits are interesting. Is that meant to happen?! They kind of whizz around the bath and sink so you have to swirl the water around to mix them up and the water then turns violet.
Talking of violets, this does have the scent of parma violets! It's not overwhelming though. Just enough.

Space Girl is a cute little bath bomb. It's fun and smells good. My only gripe is that it's all over too soon!
The smell doesn't last very long and it fizzes too fast for my liking. But, the water does stay a lovely shade of purple and I was relaxed, so all in all, thumbs up!

Onto the Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac. This was the Dead Sea mud mask.

I bought a pack of 5 masks. It consisted of 2 mud pacs, 2 peel offs and 1 smoothie mask.

The Dead Sea mud mask says it is good for Normal, Oily and T-Zone skin. I'm combination, so this suited me. The description says the Dead Sea Minerals deep cleans pores and contains Seaweed and Kelp to cleanse and relax.

The mask is nice and thick and easy to apply, messy though, as you get it everywhere digging to the bottom of the pack! I cut my pack open and still found it messy, but I don't mind!

I have to say that it has a nice minty fresh smell, but it made my eyes water it was so strong! It wasn't enough for me to want to take it off and it got less potent as it dried, but I thought I'd point it out!

It dries fairly quickly and is indeed relaxing and pampering.
It washes off easily and left my skin soft and pores tightened. Another thumbs up!

Are you a Lush or Montagne Jeunesse fan?

From Me, For You xoxo


  1. I am a fan of both, especially Lush xx

    1. Me too! And I adore Lush as well, they are amazing! x


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