Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tokidoki Makeup Bag

I just had to show you one of my most recent purchases!
My Tokidoki makeup bag, yay!

If you have never heard of Tokidoki, let me introduce you!

Created by artist Simone Legno, what started out as artwork, became a range of amazing bags and accessories. I am so in love with Tokidoki bags! They were a seriously hot item when LeSportsac collaborated with them a few years ago.
I tried to collect as many as I could, but it was hard work as they were a USA only release. Hence painfully expensive eBay purchases over a couple of years!

They were a massive success and as the collaboration with LeSportsac ended, Tokidoki carried on releasing new bags and then clothing and then jewellery and then shoes and then cosmetics!

The addictive thing is, they release new designs all the time and each one is sooo cute, you have to get one of each design! The same characters appear on the merchandise, but with a different theme each time, there has been a Paradise theme, Pirates, Transport, Christmas, Rock Concert, Jungle and more!

I have 5 amazing bags and 3 pairs of shoes now, which I love dearly and hardly ever use because they cost me so much, oh well!

Not only do I have a bag addiction, but then Sephora went and collaborated with Tokidoki and released the cutest makeup, ever!

Again, USA only, so every time I went to America on holiday, I tried to pick up a piece of the collection.

I have a cute set now, which will be an upcoming post, but to just introduce you to the brand, or whet your appetite for the makeup posts, I want to show you my makeup bag!

The things the characters are doing are so cute and fun. I love checking out the entire thing and wondering what I'll see next! The name of the print on this bag is the 'Robbery' print!

The bag has one main compartment and is pretty deep, so will fit pretty much any beauty item in it.
It's made of a wipe clean PVC, perfect for any spillages, smudges or liquid whoopsies!

I love it and am keeping my Tokidoki makeup items in it obviously, among other bits!

Sneaky peek of the up-coming Tokidoki cosmetics post!

I hope you liked the bag, maybe I'll even do a post with my handbags and shoes!

Have you heard of Tokidoki? Have any items? I'd love to know what you think!

From Me, For You xoxo

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