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Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson review!

I love Afternoon Tea.
I love the mini sandwiches, the fresh scones, the fabulous little cakes, the tea.
I love the ceremony and the history of it, it's such a uniquely British institution.

And what makes an Afternoon Tea even better? A themed Afternoon Tea!!!

There are a surprising amount of themed teas out there, from fashion to theatre, fairy tales to rock 'n roll.
Most of them are limited editions so you have to get in there quick before they disappear!

In this post I'm going to show you the Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson hotel in London.
I had this tea as a birthday celebration and the menu has since changed. I'm doing the post with the old menu because in a few months I'll be having the new version! Plus, it's always nice to see what has been before, even if you can't try it anymore, it's still fun to look at the cute cakes!

The Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea is served in the Courtyard Garden and is the perfect place for a Alice In Wonderland themed tea. There is a waterfall, topiaries, little pathways - it's like a magical secret garden!

The menu is also a combination of wondrous sounding food!
The sandwiches are rainbow coloured, there is a hot and cold lolipop and an exploding lolipop, plus a drink potion with 3 different flavoured layers!

First up, it's the rainbow sandwiches. There were Egg Mayonnaise on brown bread, Cucumber and Black Pepper on beetroot bread, Ham and Mustard on yellow saffron bread and Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese on green spinach bread. I'm vegetarian and the staff were great in substituting the ham and salmon sandwiches for more egg and cucumber sandwiches! They were delicious and I could have eaten another round easily!

Next, we tried our scones. They were still warm and came with strawberry jam in little pots and clotted cream on spoons! These were really nice and fluffy. They were a good size and after two I was almost full!

Now for the cakes!

There were 5 pieces to the 'cake' selection. The first was a Drink Me potion, which consisted of 3 different layers- a passion fruit jelly, coconut pane-cotta and exotic foam. Each sip is supposed to taste different- this was so refreshing and flavoured! You could definitely taste passion fruit and a creamy coconut flavour. I'm not sure what the exotic foam was, but this was very light and just what I needed after my scones! I also have to add the fact it was served in the sweetest little brown bottle with 'drink me' tag attached!

Next was the Coffee Opera cake. This was made to look like the White Rabbits watch and was a chocolate and coffee layered sponge. While this was indeed tasty, it was just a little too rich. I was full up at this point- I never think Afternoon Tea will fill me up, but it does! It did taste nice though. 

Then we come to the white chocolate and strawberry Queen of Hearts Mousse. 
I really liked this little creation. The red shell was a hard white chocolate and inside was a yummy strawberry mousse. Writen in white chocolate on the top was 'Eat Me', very cute.
It was light and sweet and unique.

As a bonus, there were some lollipops to add to the fun. One was a 'hot and cold' pop. One side was meant to be warm and the other cool - to be honest I couldn't taste or feel the difference! But it was tasty nonetheless!

The other was an exploding praline ice cream pop which did actually burst when you bit into it! 

Last but not least, I chose a flowering tea and just had to show you a picture of the before and after! 

How beautiful is that? And it tasted lovely and light too. 

I enjoyed the Mad Hatter's tea so much. It was a fabulous atmosphere in the courtyard and added to the theme so well. 
The food was amazing and so creative. I was thoroughly full afterwards and think it was definitely worth the £35 it cost, which is around the average price for a London afternoon tea. 

I cannot wait to try the new version! 
I will be sure to post that review too! 

Are you an Afternoon Tea fan? What do you think of the Alice in Wonderland theme? I'd love to know if you have tried any great teas anywhere! 

From Me, For You xoxo

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