Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Magazine Madness!

I do love a good freebie with magazines! I have to say that they are usually all very good freebies, with brands like Benefit and Nails Inc getting involved.

I was gobsmacked when I found out the amount of magazine freebies in the April issues! I new I'd be purchasing a few! All the freebies came at once, with 4 different magazines having great gifts I wanted!

Sooo, I popped into Sainsburys and picked up a few, or is that a few too many?!
Check out what I came away with:

Yes, that's 8 magazines there. 4 of Glamour alone, 2 of Cosmopolitan, 1 Marie Claire and 1 Good Housekeeping.

The freebies are a good mix of skincare, hair care and hand cream!

I was lucky enough to try full size products of Percy and Reed hair care range a while ago, so knew I loved them. Also, they were a freebie in 2012's April Glamour and I got 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 2 masks back then. I regretted not stockpiling more, so this time around I got 2 shampoo and 2 conditioners!

I was also loving the Elemis Fresh Skin products that came with Cosmopolitan. I've been wanting to try those out for a while, so jumped at the chance to try some for a good price. I got the lip balm (you can never have too many lip balms!) and the mattifying moisturiser as I have combination skin. I'm actually tempted to get another balm!

The balance Me hand cream I had got in a beauty box and new it was good, so grabbed the 50ml version worth £10 with Good Housekeeping. Staying with hand cream, I grabbed my second Neal's Yard Bee Lovely, also worth £10 from Marie Claire too.

Included with the big version of Cosmopolitan was a sample of Ghost Moonlight perfume, which is actually quite nice!

I do love Percy and Reed, so am stocking up on the incredible bargain with Glamour!

Lots of hand creams for me!

Getting to try some Elemis fresh skin!

My magazine binge cost me a cool £21! Ouch you may say (I did too!), but, when you add up the total of the products? Well, I got products worth a whopping £62! Bargain! And don't forget 4 different magazines to read!

It kind of makes me want to go and buy it all over again because of the savings!

Have you ever bought magazine dupes for the freebies? Or purchased so many in total? Am I crazy?! Or am I savvy?!

From Me, For You xoxo


  1. I think you got a great haul and I am going in search of some for myself now ha xx


    1. hehe, it's all good stuff so totally worth it! Hope you get some goodies :) xx


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