Friday, 16 May 2014

Glossybox May 2014 review!

The May Glossybox is a collaboration with Superdrug who are celebrating 50 years!
I was excited to see what was inside this special box.
Let's see!

 I do like the themed box designs!

First up, a full size Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer.
I am so happy I have this! I like the Facefinity foundation and was thinking of buying the primer, so this is great it's in my Glossybox! Full size too - perfect.

Next up another full size product! A Maybelline Great Lash mascara.
I do love this mascara. I haven't used it in a while because I'm a bit of a mascara addict and chop and change and try different ones all the time.
But I'm confident as soon as I put this on, it will give me great lashes! Fab item.

Then we have a little perfume sample. Ghost Eclipse. To be honest I'm not a fan of the Ghost series of scents, but this one is ok. To me it smells powdery and musky. It's meant to have top notes of fruit but I didn't really get that!

Next is a full size (another!) eye-liner from GOSH in Blueberry Ice.
When I saw 'eye-liner' I initially though oh no, not another! But this one is a light lilac colour. I'm not really sure it'll suit me, but I'll try it and see. Nice to see a colour eye-liner though!

Another full size item! B. Sheer conditioning lipstick in Coral.
I was happy not to see a red lipstick! Coral is great for summer and this being a sheer coverage, I'm sure it will give a light brush of colour. Just how I like my lip colour to be.

~ I want to mention that B. are completely cruelty free. I own a few items from them and like them.
Cruelty free skincare and cosmetics are very important and I champion every brand that cares about animals :)

Next another full size! Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser.
I like the idea of a spray moisturiser. I love body oils because they are rich and sink into the skin quickly. I'm not such a fan of normal moisturisers in cream form, so this looks good for me. Spray and go - perfect!

As an extra, we have a sachet of Garnier Oil Beauty body lotion.
I'll give it a go as I try all body moisturisers I get, it is a lotion, but has oil infused into it. Nice little extra.

I am really happy with my May Glossybox! I have been disappointed with them for months now, but this is a brilliant box.
All the items are full size with a couple of extras. That's amazing! I especially love having a full size primer and moisturiser.
They really delivered this month!

Did you get anything different in your box? Are you happy with your box? Let me know!

From Me, For You  xoxo

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