Monday, 14 October 2013

Glossybox October 2013 review!

The October Glossybox is themed on 'Dark Romance'. Ooh I thought, this sounds fun and interesting! Then I had a sudden second of dread, uh oh, does this mean a really dark nail polish and really dark lipstick I won't want?!

Well, let me show you what I actually did get!

I have to say, I needn't have worried about the dark polish and lipstick. There were none (although I would have expected it!). In fact, I'm not totally understanding the Dark Romance theme!

First up is a 20ml Monu Illuminating Primer. I'm happy with this as I always like trying primers and it's something I'll always use. 20ml is a good size to get a good feel for the product too.

Next we have a 20ml Premae Harmony Smoothie Lotion. This goes on as a primer but can be made into a BB Cream by mixing with foundation. I like Premae because they are allergy free, vegan and cruelty free, hooray! Definitely will be using this.

Hmm, the dreaded perfume sample! To be fair, this is a nice perfume. It's sweet & fruity, but has a depth most sweet fruit perfumes don't have. I like it, I just wish it was more generous and one of the actual miniature bottles, how cute would that be?!

Up next, 2x3ml sachets of Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish. I'm not sure about having perfume samples and sachets in one box, seems pretty mean!
I'm not entirely sure what this is either! At first I thought it was a BB Cream of some sort because of the 'latte' colour, but now I think it is an instant tan?! I think it is for the face! I think I'll save it until next summer!

Then we have a full size 12ml Cherub's Blush by MeMeMe. I normally don't like stains as I find they are too harsh a colour and fade weird, but this is a nice colour. It starts subtle, but can be layered for a deeper colour. It looks pretty nice on the lips.

That's it for October Glossybox. I didn't like the fact they had a perfume sample and sachets in the same box. But, for once, I'll use all the products I got in the box, so can't complain too much! I just keep thinking how cool that Katy Perry miniature perfume bottle would be!

Did you get the same box as me? Or other products, I'd love to know what you got in yours!

From Me, For You xoxo

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